Information about visiting and filming in New Island
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We welcome visitors!

The majority of visitors arrive by cruise ship as part of an itinerary taking them to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic.  By no means every cruise vessel calls at New Island, but we encourage as many as possible to do so, as we believe we offer the easiest and best access to wildlife available in the Falkland Islands.  Cruise ship passengers donate a landing fee of £15 per capita.  This is included in the price of the cruise.

New Island offers safe anchorages for private yachts.  Private yacht owners must follow customs and immigration procedures for entering the Falklands, but once this has been granted you need only obtain permission from NICT to come ashore.  We charge £15 per night/per capita for shore visits from yachts.

Self-catering accommodation is available on the island itself. At present this is limited, but we plan to expand the accommodation available in the next few years. The Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS) fly to New Island, although the size of the airstrip currently limits the number of passengers per aircraft to two, plus luggage, and weather conditions can sometimes prevent landings for several days at a time.

For this reason the Trust is currently only accepting bookings from Falkland Island residents or from scientists, film crews and those overseas tourists who will be spending several weeks in the Falkland Islands and whose schedule is sufficiently flexible to allow for these possible delays. Once a booking has been accepted more information about flights can be obtained from the FIGAS office in Stanley.

In order to book self-catering accommodation please email our wardens, Alec and Giselle Hazell, on For charges, please click here.  A small range of stores is available for sale on the Island, but you will need to bring the majority of your food and all your other requirements with you.

Filming on New Island

The island is a popular location for film crews who wish to film some of the most spectacular wildlife and scenery available in the Falklands archipelago.  Please contact NICT’s secretary, Anne Burls, for further information – see below for contact details. Information about our charges for filming on New Island can be found by clicking here.