About Us - New Island Conservation Trust
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The Trust owes its existence to the vision, commitment and generosity of the late Ian Strange MBE.  Ian was a highly respected naturalist, author and artist.  Born in England, Ian moved to the Falkland Islands in 1959 and acquired joint ownership of New Island along with Roddy Napier in 1972.
He spent many years pursuing a dream to transform New Island from a sheep farm into a nature reserve.

In 1995 Ian founded the New Island Conservation Trust, and transferred ownership of his (southern) half of the island to the Trust.  In 2006 the Trust was able to purchase the northern half of the island from the then owner, Tony Chater, and since that time has owned and managed the whole of New Island.

Charitable Objects

The Trust was registered as a charitable company in the UK in 1995 (Charity Number 1047676) and is managed by a Board of Trustees.  More information about the Trustees is set out in a separate page.

Our objects

The objects of the New Island Conservation Trust (NICT) are:

  1. to maintain and preserve for the benefit of the public the natural habitat and natural resources of New Island, Falkland Islands;
  2. to advance the education of the public in the ecology, conservation, history, and other matters relating to New Island in particular by the provision of educational and study facilities;
  3. to secure the protection or preservation of the natural habitat, flora and fauna and environment for the protection of the wildlife and landscape and the conservation, refurbishment and preservation of buildings, monuments and structures which have featured in the history of the island or which have been used or played a part in the development of its industries including but not limited to the whaling industry;
  4. to provide educational and study facilities for visitors and more generally to promote the study and appreciation of ecology and conservation and any matters of historic, artistic, architectural or scientific interest.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for NICT’s strategy, policies, overall direction, finances and key management decisions.  Day to day the island was for many years managed by Ian Strange and, more recently and until February 2014, by his daughter Georgina Strange.  Since then the Trust has employed two wardens as all year round resident managers. The current wardens, Alec and Giselle Hazell, have been in post since September 2018.

Finance and Income

NICT has benefited over many years from the generosity of the Geoffrey C Hughes Trust.  The late Geoffrey Hughes visited New Island on a cruise ship and was captivated by the island and the conservation work undertaken by Ian Strange.

The Trust has supported NICT over many years, making possible the original purchase of the southern part of the island from Ian Strange, the construction of the Field Station to house scientific research, and the subsequent purchase of the northern half of the island from Tony Chater.  .

The other principal source of income is from visitors on cruise ships, visitors on private yachts, self-catering visitors, visiting film crews and visiting scientists.  More information about visiting New Island and charges can be found on the “Visiting, contacts and links” page.

The Geoffrey C Hughes Trust has now been wound up. NICT’s other sources of income, while making a substantial contribution, do not currently enable us to meet the full costs of running the island as a wildlife reserve and a centre for conservation.  Fundraising will therefore be a growing priority for the Trust, and we are extremely grateful for donations to our work both large and small.  More information about how you can support our work is available on the Supporting NICT and Donate pages.