Supporting New Island - New Island - Falklands Conservatlion
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As an independent, non-profit charity recently merged with Falkland Conservation, New Island relies on the generosity of individuals and foundations to support the conservation work that is carried out on the island. Although New Island does receive income from cruise ship visitors, users of our self-catering accommodation, and the occasional visiting film crew, the island is dependent on donations and public support.

Your help is therefore needed to enable us to continue to manage this unique and beautiful place as a wildlife reserve, and to protect its very special wildlife and natural environment.

It can be as simple as spreading the word about the work that we do – tell a friend!  It may be that they know someone who knows someone… Maybe you have your own website where you could share our link or help us advertise.

You could also show your support and interest in our work by joining our Facebook group.  Hear about what we’re up to, see photos and keep in touch with us and the penguins…

And of course we welcome your donations, large or small. Please refer to the Donate page for details of how to make a donation to our work.